Sociology open research event: Diverse, Intersectional, United? How the Guardian represents feminism and race

The Guardian offices

Speaker: Terese Jonsson (London Metropolitan University)

26 February 2015 26 February 2015
Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Room RS 401 309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW

The last decade has witnessed an increased visibility of grassroots feminist activism in Britain. In this talk, Terese will highlight how such activism is represented in the liberal-left newspaper the Guardian, focusing in particular on race and whiteness.

The Guardian’s representations of feminism have changed significantly over the last decade, from a movement that was depicted as almost entirely white, to one which is increasingly described and depicted as diverse and multicultural. Terese will argue that an uncritical language of ‘diversity’ and ‘intersectionality’ is being used to depict a harmonious community of feminists united in common cause, erasing power differences and the multitude of struggles over racism, which have been taking place within British feminist organising for many years.

Thus, despite the increasing representation of diversity, the narratives presented in the Guardian reveal a continued attachment to a white feminist frame, where white feminists are positioned at the centre of the movement, with the power to invite ‘others’ in.

This talk is part of the Sociology Open Research series 2014-15. All are welcome.

External attendees should book a place by contacting Dr Francis Ray White or Dr Ben Pitcher.

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